Chrome Web Store

We have a new operating system that is coming out and it is Google Chrome OS. Chrome OS is designed to be an open source operating system that is basically a web browser. In the video that Google has for the promotion of Chrome OS it says all we want is to get on the internet, and in today’s standards this is what most of us want. Let’s face it most of our lives revolve around a social networking site. Well, you are probably wondering what I an education blogger am talking about Chrome OS for.
Well I am glad you asked it just so happens that Google Chrome OS has an app store called the Chrome web store, and not only do Chrome OS users have access to this. If you download the Google Chrome Web Browser you are able to access this store. This brings me to my point, there is an education section of apps that are available to use in Chrome. Now the Chrome web store is very young and there are not many apps out yet for this platform, I believe this could be a great tool for educators in the future.
Some of the apps that are available such as Hangman which is a basic hangman game with a nice user interface. Also math teachers can purchase the educational game called math board. This is a game that will quiz the students on basic math skills you can try the free version which is addition only if you choose to try before you buy. Frabroom is a cool app which is basically a website that has neat educational videos on it. One of my favorites is Meegenius; this cool web app is like the website but is in a full screen mode. This will has books that can be selected to be read aloud, to the students with the words highlighted and the pictures of the books shown. Another favorite of mine for students in higher grades there is an app called Cramberry; it helps you memorize things by using virtual flashcards. You can create your own flashcards and share them with other students in the world. There is also an iPhone and iPad app for it too.
The Chrome web store is very young, there are only 325 education apps that are available and some of them aren’t what I consider really educational but with time I hope this application can become very helpful to teachers and classrooms with limited budgets. This could help some teachers stay on top of the tech game without having access to and iPad or the Apple app store. I hope Google continues to push this idea and doesn’t decide to scrap it.


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