Friday Share 1/11/19

We made it to Friday. Other than Friday this is what you have been waiting on all week 😉 The Friday Share. The Friday Share is where I find five things that I think are intriguing or informative from the halls of #theFrontier(WCHS) or where I have scoured the internet and share them with you. Your weekly dose of PD in your Inbox!

What I’ve read: I found the article from the Wall Street Journal that states Teachers Quit jobs at Highest Rate on record. This comes as college degree programs for education majors have also dropped. What is the solution? I am not sure. Only the future will tell.
Tech tip of the week: Kasey Bell has a Google Doc cheat sheet for free. This shows your menu’s and other items that may be useful for your journey using Google Docs.

Quote, I’ve Pondered: “See the best in people and watch how they fight to prove you right.” -Skip Prichard

What I have listened to/seen: Monday night the Clemson Tigers won the National Championship in college football. (Sorry Stan). The post-game speech that Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney had was truly inspirational. He made me want to come and play with him. He was also not afraid to share his faith as well. He already had my respect but this made me more of a fan.

Enjoy, Have a great weekend, and GO Pioneers. #pioneerStrong