Tips for keeping your sanity

As educators, we have seen nothing like the pandemic in our lifetimes. I am sure many of you like me are working constantly, trying to perfect our craft. I wanted to be the perfect teacher. I was answering emails and Google Classroom messages all hours of the day. I even remember taking my wife out to eat and for most of the meal we spoke about school. (She is in Education.) It took a while for me to take a step back and focus on my family and myself. I wanted to be the best teacher at the school I teach at, but then I realized. If I were not at the top of my game, I know my students would be the ones who suffer the most. Thus, I set up boundaries for myself. Below are five of the boundaries I have set up for myself and I hope you can get ideas for you too!

1. When I leave school, I leave school at school. This is hard to do because I love what I do. It is my mission field.

2. Set parameters in when I answer messages. We have homeroom every day from 10:40 to 11:05. I clarified that I would communicate with ones who have questions.

3. Video myself explaining the work I have set up for my students so they understand what I want them to do. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the context or tone of a person when they write.

4. Look for technology to help automate certain tasks at hand. I like to use Mote to give my students feedback with my voice, not with typing alone. This helps like the video for explanation.

5. There is no way you can be perfect, try the best you can. Remember these words, done is better than perfect.


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