The Friday Share: September 25th Addition

What is the Friday Share? If you are not familiar with The Friday Share, it is where I find things I think are intriguing or informative from where I have scoured the internet and share them with you. Your weekly dose of school pride, PD, and some silliness sprinkled in your Inbox!

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What I’ve read: ‘COVID slide’: Struggling Tennessee students have fallen even further behind, say superintendents

This article is nothing new, we as teachers know already our lowest performing students are struggling. We just do not know what the result will be with the interruption of learning because of COVID, but we need to be planning now to help our lowest performing students. Thank you for the work you do. 

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Tech Tip of the week: Mote

If you all are like me, sending feedback to our students can be very cumbersome. I feel as if I type the same thing over and over. Yes, there is a comment bank you can create in Google Classroom for “canned” responses, but those responses may not seem as meaningful as you want. Mote will give the ability to speak your comments and the students may listen to your feedback to help us with your corrections. 

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Quote, I’ve Pondered: 

“Teachers always bring your best, but remember that even that will change day to day. Don’t buy into the hype you have to be all in all the time and be perfect every minute of every day. You’re human.  Some days you will be excellent and some days surviving will be your victory. “

-Brad Johnson

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What I have listened to/seen:  Holly Clark, Rethinking Assessment in the Digital Age, Chromebook Infused Classroom, Flipgrid, BookCreator, Screencastify, Seesaw, Wakelet, OneNote

The largest challenge that seems to occur with our school year is how will we assess? I have tried a non-traditional style of comparing and contrasting with my students. This style was hard for my students to understand, even when I explained. They are still conditioned to multiple choice style tests. This week’s listening recommendation comes from Jake Miller and the Educational Duct Tape Podcast. Here is guest Holly Clark looks at “Assessment in the Digital Age.” Hopefully this will give you inspiration for future assessments.

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Enjoy, have a great weekend, and thanks for letting me creep into your inbox with a little fun and PD!  

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Teach your students like they are your own! Love Ya, See Ya, Bye!


Tips for keeping your sanity

As educators, we have seen nothing like the pandemic in our lifetimes. I am sure many of you like me are working constantly, trying to perfect our craft. I wanted to be the perfect teacher. I was answering emails and Google Classroom messages all hours of the day. I even remember taking my wife out to eat and for most of the meal we spoke about school. (She is in Education.) It took a while for me to take a step back and focus on my family and myself. I wanted to be the best teacher at the school I teach at, but then I realized. If I were not at the top of my game, I know my students would be the ones who suffer the most. Thus, I set up boundaries for myself. Below are five of the boundaries I have set up for myself and I hope you can get ideas for you too!

1. When I leave school, I leave school at school. This is hard to do because I love what I do. It is my mission field.

2. Set parameters in when I answer messages. We have homeroom every day from 10:40 to 11:05. I clarified that I would communicate with ones who have questions.

3. Video myself explaining the work I have set up for my students so they understand what I want them to do. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the context or tone of a person when they write.

4. Look for technology to help automate certain tasks at hand. I like to use Mote to give my students feedback with my voice, not with typing alone. This helps like the video for explanation.

5. There is no way you can be perfect, try the best you can. Remember these words, done is better than perfect.