Personalizing PD Part III: Voxer

Continuing on our summertime series on personalizing your PD, I have been very fortunate on learning along the way. I have covered Twitter, and how becoming a “connected educator” will open the doors to so many amazing teachers, and Podcasts allowing you to learn on the fly where ever you may be. Having the opportunity to interview some awesome educational podcasters from the Education Podcast Network ( is one of my proudest moments of curating content on this blog. Thanks once again to Chris Nesi ( host of House of #Edtech, and Mari Venturino, and Justin Birckbichler hosts of EduRoadtrip ( for taking the time to answer some questions I had for them.

The next topic we are going to venture into will be the world of Voxer. Voxer is a messaging service. You can download it as an app for your phone, or you may use it in your web browser. The great thing about Voxer is not only can you share pictures and text messages to each other, but you can also use your voice as a way of communication. I started to use Voxer after seeing it in a Twitter Chat. I enjoy the way you can communicate with other people from around the world and hear their voice and their passion for a certain topic.

There are many groups on Voxer. I will attach a link to Voxer groups you can join. I have been able to communicate with so many wonderful educators. It is surely an amazing way to learn more from each other.  Voxer is an application for you to put in your PD tool bag.