I discovered a new website in the Google Chrome Web Store and it is called Cramberry. Cramberry is a great website for students who use flashcards to aid in studying. This site is immense; you can create your very own flashcards for anything you are studying. Cramberry uses and algorithm so the same cards are not in the same order maximizing retention rate. So how does it work? Create a free account for 30 flashcards a day or sign up for the pro account for unlimited creation of cards. The pro account is only $9 a year, which is an enormous value. I am grateful Cramberry kept the student in mind on the pricing of the pro account.

You don’t have to study just your flashcards you have access to a vast library of pre made cards at your disposal. Some of the topics available in the pre-made cards are; Spanish, SAT vocabulary, GRE, and math. If you create your own you have a decision to make them public.

I have had some of my students use Cramberry and they say it is a great tool for learning my content as well as the other classes they have. I highly recommend using Cramberry if you are a student that needs help memorizing a subject or any content. Not only can students use this anyone looking to memorize anything for a certain job or test can use Cramberry. Cramberry also has an iPad and iPhone/iPod touch app for mobile use as well. I do not have either of those products so I cannot review them at this time. Please check out Cramberry and if you have students share this site to them as well.


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