Content Consumption for learning

Today, content is everywhere and we are supposed to soak it up like a sponge. With sites like Twitter and Facebook our students are being exposed to more information than ever before. So, how can educators get their curriculum across to the students we teach. I think we need to take a step toward the content that is out there on the internet. What if we were to have a Twitter feed for our class or a Facebook fan page of your class. You could use this to put information out on the subject you teach. Even better, what if you were an English teacher and you wanted to keep your students engaged after school hours. If you had a Facebook fan page of your class you could send out an update like break down this sentence. With the ability to reply on Facebook your students could see it and make the proper analysis of the sentence. Maybe you are a teacher who does current events or marketing. You could find a topic or an advertisement on the internet and have your students discuss it while out side of the classroom. I know there are sites out there that let you use these platforms but they aren’t as appealing as the big two I just mentioned. I think we as teachers could use this technology to the greater good if it is used properly.


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