Paperless Classroom

I am very puzzled about how some school districts seem to be afraid of technology. What would be the problem for a student to bring their laptop and take notes and email them to the teacher. Wouldn’t that save us on paper. How about an iPad could this bee the future of our classroom. I don’t have one yet but I am sure there is an app that will let the students write on it and capture their writing. I know you can type on one so you can take notes. So why are we not letting our students use these tools.

I polled my classroom yesterday, I asked how many of them had access to a laptop, netbook or and iPad 90% of my students said they did. I then asked them would you be alright with brining one of those devices to school to take notes with or do other things that are school related and 100% of them said they would. So, why do some districts shy away from bringing technology into the classroom? Are they afraid of if? I have not received a clear answer. To the people I have talked to they seem to be fine with tech in the classroom so why do we not embrace it. My first thought would be well they would be afraid the students would get on the internet and go to a site they were not supposed to. Well, my school has the wireless internet password protected and on top of that there is site blocking software. So now what would be the problem, could it be they would play games on device. The teacher could then treat it like a student who is passing notes to the other student. I really would like some better answers than I have received.

I would love to have my students to do their work and email it to me so I could grade it in that form instead of lugging papers around the classroom or home. Not only would this save paper it would make for a more clean and neat classroom, which I always enjoy.


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