Creating a Podcast for you class

Hi all, I know it has been a while since I have posted last, but I am going to let you in on how I create a podcast for my classroom and hopefully you can too. First thing is to know what you want to podcast about. I podcast for my test reviews, this allows my students to listen to me while on the go, and we all know most of them have some sort of headphones or ear buds in their ears. So why not reach them right? Second you will need some sort of microphone so you can record your voice. A microphone can be relatively inexpensive or you can spend a lot of money on them. Since most of you that read this are teachers I understand that cost is a key point. The one I use is a Logitech USB microphone, I prefer the USB microphones because of the sound quality, but that is up to you. Next you will need some software and I prefer using Audacity, it is a free recording software that a lot of people use to record their podcasts. My students have come enjoy listening to my podcasts they say it gives them more confidence in what they need to know for the test. I am planning on expanding my podcasts to lectures and other things but I am keeping it simple as of now.


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