A little update

Whew, am I tired. This year has been a complete blur to me so far. We have implemented new evaluation standards in the state of Tennessee, and we are in our second year of Professional Learning Communities(PLC). It seems that my job will never slow down. I am writing this post because my blog has gotten cold as of the last few months, only because lack of down time for me to write. I will have to say I love our PLC meetings it gives me an opportunity to collaborate as teachers in our subject or related subjects. I think it is imperative that we as educators need to bounce ideas off each other to benefit our students.

One great thing our school is doing is the single lunch schedule, some schools might have had this in place for a long time but we have been at it our second year now. I really love it. To those of you who do not know how the single lunch schedule works it is like this. Our entire school population is let out for lunch at the same time. Yes, it can be chaotic but it is a controlled chaos. Our students go to eat but there is also a great opportunity for the students to get extra help, or if they need to make up a test or any assignment they have missed they can come to my classroom and get the help they need. I have had plenty of students to take advantage of the opportunity. This is a positive step that our school has taken toward intervention. This is also a great way for teachers to get to know their students on a more personal level, and as educators know if a students doesn’t care until they know you care.


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