QR Codes: Future of Station Teaching?

Do you know what this is?

This is a QR code and they are popping up everywhere, whether you are looking up or purchasing an app or just having it take you to a web site. A QR code is a fast way for you to use Smartphone, iPod touch 4th Gen. or iPad2 to look up information without having to use a keyboard to type in the URL. For a QR code to work you will need such a device which has been listed (you have to have a camera for this to work) download barcode reader app and you are set.
I am stepping out on a limb by predicting this, but I believe this is the future of advertising, and education as well. Teachers, listen up you can take advantage of this now if you have the right equipment or if your system allows the use of Cell phones. You can implement this now, and all is needed is an app that can be downloaded that will read the QR code. It is totally your choice because there are many apps that are out there. This can be the future of station learning.
Here is a website that will create a QR code for a website of your choice. http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
Teachers in general can use this technology, but science classes could benefit the most out of it. Here are the steps for it. Set up your classroom with different stations that have the QR code on it. The students can use the hardware for looking up the information such as videos or general information. They can also answer questions on the certain topic, if you chose. I believe this will engage the students in two ways they will learn in a traditional station to station way and also, using technology the students are engaged in an act of learning that is familiar with them.
I know this would be difficult to accomplish if you have a cell phone policy at your school if you plan to use Smartphones. An alternative would be if you school has iPod touches that can be used for educational purposes. If you check your school’s library they could help you out if your school has them. WIFI is also something that could pose a problem if you do not have WIFI in the school, but most 90school systems have implemented this.



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