If any of you have seen the Insurance commercials that have super heroes or those weird animals in it then you have seen and Xtranormal video. I believe this type of website is a game changer to our modern education. Especially the way our students learn today. This neat website allows you to create videos with out having extensive creative ability.
   How does it work? You chose characters, a scene, background noise, and best of all you create the script. This can be used in so many different settings and subjects to help your students learn to their highest ability.If you wanted to explain the Pythagorean theorem in math or how osmosis works in science, or any other subject you might teach, you can do it in a cartoon form. Today’s students are so adept to technology and are difficult to keep their attention. This tool is great for the classroom.
   I personally believe this will engage the students to listen more intently and understand the concepts you are trying to get across. There is a cool factor to this website, and will keep the students entertained more than you standing up in front of the classroom.
   A downside to this site is that you have to pay for some of the scenes with points and if you run out you have to pay to get more. Points are given to chose your characters and your scenes. Although, once you have purchased a character you can use it again. Educators do get discounted prices for the use of the movies.
    This is the future of education and we need to jump on board or we will be left behind!

Xtranormal can be found here.


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