Friday Share October 30th Edition

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. I know this year has been stressful but hang in there we will get through this together. We dodged a huge bullet with a full moon Halloween tomorrow on a Saturday.   Go cheer on the Pioneers as they take on Oakland tonight! 

What is the Friday Share? If you are not familiar with The Friday Share, it is where I find five things that I think are intriguing or informative from where I have scoured the internet and share them with you. Your weekly dose of school pride, PD, and some silliness sprinkled in your Inbox!

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What I’ve read: School Bus Crash in Meigs Co. TN

First, if you haven’t stopped and said a prayer for the families and school families involved, please do so. I normally share with you things are uplifting and in the picture below there is I just hope everyone takes a moment to hug their loved ones because you never know when it may be the last time. Meigs County Director of Schools Clint Baker is quoted below praising his older students in helping with the victims of the crash. Even though there is a tragedy, compassion came out. 

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Tech Tip of the week: 40+ Digital Escape Rooms

Who doesn’t love an Escape room? The challenge to get out is an amazing team building experience. This week I am sharing with you a collection of escape rooms you can use in your classroom. This can be used on party days or days in which you are ahead. (I know that is not happening this year) 

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Quote, I’ve Pondered: 

 “You can go through the motions You’ll still collect your pay Or you can choose to be awesome And make someone’s day!” – Danny Steele

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What I have listened to/seen:  #EdTech to Support Project-Based Learning – HoET163

This episode of the House of #EdTech podcast was a refreshing one. Chris Nesi the host is overwhelmed by the Covid Pandemic and is taking a break from the show to teach his classes and his own two children. He has Derek Larson, a Librarian and Digital tech coach, filling in for him in future episodes. In this episode, Chris and Maddie from the EdTech Classroom podcast discuss Project based learning and how you can use technology to help. Enjoy the show. 

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Enjoy, have a great weekend, and thanks for letting me creep into your inbox with a little fun and PD!  

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GO Pioneers. #theFrontier #pioneerStrong  Love Ya, See Ya, Bye!