Ryan Smith

I am a math teacher at  Warren County High School in McMinnville, TN.  I am currently in my 16th year as a teacher.  I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, have a Masters Degree from Cumberland University, and I am going to be working on my EDS in the fall of 2016.  I am from a family of teachers from every level of education.  My mom, the rock of our family, taught at the elementary public school level for 30+ years and is presently teaching high school English at Covenant Academy in McMinnville, TN.  I see a lot of my teaching style in her.  She teaches every student and holds all of them accountable for their behavior as well as their academics.  She is also the peace maker in our family, which I often am due to being the youngest brother.  My dad was a middle school teacher for 30+ years.  He is presently retired and is loving it.  He taught everything from science to social studies.   He loved teaching children and has a real passion for helping people  He is also a pastor of a small local church.  Don’t tell him I said it, but I see a lot of me in him.  He made sure his students felt that he genuinely cared about them outside of the classroom.  My two older brothers both teach at the high school level.  My oldest brother taught math at the public school level for 15 + years and presently teaches everything from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus at Covenant Academy.  He has a tremendous passion for helping others.  He is a jack of all trades and I have learned a lot from him on not just how to teach math, but also other valuable skills that school can’t teach you.  My other bother also started out in the public school, but he currently   teaches science and is the Headmaster at Covenant Academy.  He is the creative one in the family and has an ability to make science fun to his students which is often a difficult thing to do.  As all of my family, he also has a tremendous passion for helping young people.  He and I also coach basketball at Covenant Academy from the elementary level to the high school level.  It is a lot of fun coaching with him even if we disagree at times.  I guess you could say we are a very usual family, but it is very evident that we really love helping people.

When I was in college and had to decide on a major there really wasn’t a question on what I wanted to do.  The only question for me was what level of education to go into.  After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that it was better fit for teaching high school math.  I have always been intrigued about math and had a lot of good math teachers when I was in school.  Over the years, I have learned that education is an ever evolving professional but students have really no changed that much.  The challenge is adapting to the way they learn and making it relevant to their lives.  I truly believe that school is about helping our students create good habits that will help them become successful while they are in school but, more importantly, when they get out of school.